Thursday, January 5

challenge #day 1- 10things about you


10things bout me..i'll make it simple je

1. Allah creature
2. last daugh of pn.yateni n en.yusof territory
3. imma Johorian- 01 with blue IC
4. suffer of shortsightedness (rabun jauh short kn? ala..dh lupe..kne pang je dgn cekgu bio kang)
5. got hyperhidrosis -dnt even care if peeps wanna euuwww..euuuwww me..
6. cant cook..kikiki..(nnti nak kawin kn boleh blaja..lalala)
7. love pn.emak, love fams, love frens, love lovers, love haters, love him
8. taken by khairi daniar
9. addicted to BLUE, COTTON, FOOD etc
10. non- uptodate type
oh yes, imma student of somekindlocaluniversity

ok, dats all for day ya :)

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