Sunday, September 26

effected by SEROTONIN

lately I’ve been realize sumtin’ I shouldn’t..OMG wat hppen 2 me heart beating damnly fast, cnnot tink wisely, cry without reasons, laugh out loud sumtimes..seems like crazy huh..ah..nevermind..notin’ much 2 tink bout those ‘PERASAAN’ lah..(penat actually) the conclusion in simple word --- i call it LOVE. It feels like LOVE…hahaha..lolz~ (keeps popping into my thought kot)

there is no greater happiness than having u and no greater bliss than sharing dis life wif u
if i had one breath to spare n if i had juz one moment to live,
i would like 2 it wif YOU :D

p/s: sy xkn nyatakan,no worries lah..(2 myself)
~..its comes n its go..easily..~

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